What Other Lies Have We Believed About Smartphones?

Research has confirmed that false rumours do spread faster than the truth. And this has been evident, even in the smartphone market.

Over the years, we have encountered one ‘fact’ or another come out from places we do not even know a thing about.

Craziest part of it is that half these ‘facts’ turn out to be falsehoods and fake news.

However, they have been spread so much that almost everyone who owns a mobile phone believes them. I remember growing up to hear that putting a phone close to your body for long can cause a cancer. It is a lie of course, but there are still millions who think otherwise.

So what other lies have we believed about smartphones in general?

‘Using your phone while it charges is bad’ 

A lot of smartphone users generally believe using a phone while it charges has a negative impact on the longevity of the battery life. Well, this is not entirely false, but it’s only possible if you’re using a low- quality charger. Whether you use your phone while it charges or not, your battery will charge as expected with a good charger. This is because while charging your phone, applications still run in the background and your phone runs synced applications. So even if you do not use your phone, your phone is very active. Only in cases of overheating should you dial the action back a little.

‘Your battery will get damaged if you charge your phone overnight’

This is not true! They are called ‘smart’ phones for a reason. Most smartphones have been built to recognize when a battery is fully charged, and so, will stop charging once that happens. But for those who believe the battery has to be fully charged for them to have an optimal experience with the phone; your phone battery is optimal while between 40 – 80 percent.

‘Your charger brand should match the phone brand’

False. While it is advisable to use good chargers, it is not a must to use the brand’s own charger only to charge your smartphone. Most Smartphone manufacturers enjoin you to use the official charger that comes with your phone mainly because it is their brand. Meanwhile, stay away from knock-off, run- off-the-mills chargers as they can harm your battery.

‘Surfing the internet drains battery faster than any other task’

This is also untrue because the internet still runs after you drop your phone and you are done with Instagram and Snapchat. Turning off your data only increases battery life to about 30%, but the number one thing that sucks the life out of your smartphone device is gaming. The high-end graphics engines are usually massive energy drainers. This means that if you game a lot on your devices, you need to learn to reduce the screen brightness as much as you can while playing.

‘It is better to drain your battery completely before charging’

These days, smartphones come with lithium- ion batteries, which are much different from the older batteries. Every modern day battery has a full capacity they can reach, except the older batteries which aren’t so ‘smart’.

Smartphones today have lithium- ion batteries, which don’t have the same problems as older nickel cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries. So, you can top- up that battery anytime without discharging it completely.

‘Refrigerating your phone can improve battery life’

Very Wrong! The appropriate temperature for a smartphone battery is at room’s temperature, which lies at 20° to – 25° C. Anything too low or too high can damage the battery.

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