Gifts are magical. Nothing mends broken feelings and strengthens bonds in intimate relationships, family and even casual friendships more than a surprise gift package for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sibling, business partner, friend or acquaintance. We all love gifts. When we give, it goes a long way to prove our love to the person we are giving to.

In relationships, merely expressing vocally that you love your partner all the time may not be enough. Sometimes it’s important to go off the edge to prove your love with something tangible. Gifts are much more than capital expenditures. They could be used as a way of non-verbal expression of love and appreciation. Some gifts may be inexpensive and yet priceless. Giving a very expensive gift just because you can afford it does not express love. What’s more important is the good feeling of giving and the joy which such gifts bring.

The art of giving makes a vital part of a relationship. Its more about loving, caring for each other and sharing what you have together. In the actual sense, what we really do while showing all this is the art of giving. You give love, you give care and whenever you share you really are giving to perhaps express your innermost feelings in material forms.

A gift is like a wish, prayer or token for the extension of friendship, love or appreciation for a person. When gifts are rejected, it means your feelings are not returned.

You may want to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, family or loved one this season by buying them a gift. It could be on an occasion of a birthday, wedding, Valentine’s day, festive celebration or just a holiday package. Many times I have found myself thinking as to what suitable gift I can get for someone. Here are quite a number of ideas you may want to consider.

40+  gift options you can use to surprise a loved-one this season



1. Plush Robe 

When you are at home, you should feel at home. Plush robes give a warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort. A plush Robe used as a Bathrobe gives the ultimate feeling of homeliness. You should consider getting it for someone as a gift.

2. Rainbow roses

A Rainbow coloured rose is that one floral gift that is strikingly unique. This will make your woman to stand out differently in a crowd. It is a very portable gift option for a girlfriend or wife you should consider while shopping.

3. Rainbow dresses

Rainbow dresses are elegant and colorful. These are one of the most romantic gifts you can get for your woman especially on Valentine’s day.

4. Elegant Ring Holder

There is a stockpile of elegant ring holders in online shops. You should buy one for your girlfriend.

5. Suede Travel Bag

Men don’t have much time shopping for travel or accessories. There are many designer Travel bags. Click here for more.

6. All of me loves All of you canvas

This is a unique gift that can be personalized as a frame with names engraved in it. There is no gift as priceless as this. Cost range from between $25 to $35 in online stores.

7. Personalized wine bottle

A Wine bottle personalized for a Wine lover. They come in different colours, red, white or rosé, The label on the bottle can be personalized for the occasion or person it is gifted to.

8. Smartphone windblocker

Are you the type that is always complaining that your partner’s voice is not clear on the phone? This is the perfect gift you should get for them. Windblocker is a small portable cover for your smartphone’s microphone. It gives a crystal clear voice, filtering all other sounds when you are outdoors, having a video shoot or even working in a factory with machines.

9. Eye glasses Holder

There are exquisite eye glasses holders you may want to buy and present as a gift. This holds your glasses in place handy and safe where you can pick and use them. The also add to the aesthetics of the room.

10. Wine soaps

Consider getting a well scented wine soap as a gift for someone you treasure. Wine soaps can be stocked at home bars in a shower or tub. They have great skin soothing and special aesthetic qualities.

11. A wrist watch

There are different collections of wrist watches of different designs and prices. Online stores such as Time keepers international, watch haven company, okey wristwatches, jumia, pay porte and eBay have a whole lot of exquisite designer wristwatch collections. Click here for more.


12. A selfie-stick


I’m sure you have that one friend who is obsessed with taking selfies. A Selfie-stick enhances a selfie picture quality.

13. A treadmill

A gift for sport lovers or those who are not chanced to take a jog on the street, battling with excessive weight gain or any other condition that requires the burning of calories.



14. A Dumbbell

Dumbbells are used in fitness exercises. Mostly for joint-isolation exercises such as biceps curls, chest flyes or shoulder raises. They come in different weights and sizes according to your body weight or the outcome you aim to achieve. It is very useful in enhancing cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. Check them out here.

15. A barbell

This is mostly for men for men for bodybuilding. It is an exercise equipment used in weight training,
bodybuilding, weightlifting and
power-lifting. It consist of a long bar, usually with weights attached at each end. The weights can be added or removed to give the desired weight for a particular exercise. Barbells also come in many forms and designs and are sold in online shops.

16. Scribble writing alarm clock

This is the greatest gift item for the forgetful and habitually late or someone with a very tight itinerary. It helps keep track of all important tasks. A scribble writing alarm clock will rush you to meet up with time. The Scribble Clock is the first cool alarm clock with a screen that allows you to write on it! Scribble reminder notes, ideas, things to do or anything you want onto the screen and then when the alarm goes off in the morning the screen will light up in a cool blue colour proudly reminding you of your notes.

17. Wake-up Light

For champion sleepers who sleep too deep and most times forget important duties as the clock ticks past the time of waking. Wake-up lights have alarm clocks that use light to gradually wake you up. This can be very useful in waking-up in the mornings. It is such an inexpensive but priceless gift.


18. Engrave Oval cuff links

Cufflinks engraved and personalized with special dates, names or a phrases are highly significant and priceless gifts. It adds sophistication and colour to an outfit. If you want your man to stand out in the crowd, get one set for him.

19. Sari robe

Robes made from recycled saris are exquisitely colorful. The right and proper colour combination appears so elegant and attractive. Imagine your woman wearing it on a cool evening at home. Its such an energizing and romantic gift.

20. A novel

A great novel like “Common wealth” “Underground railroad” “Another Brooklyn” “Homegoing” or “All the birds in the sky” is a best gift you can ever surprise someone who is a book lover.

21. A hair clipper and trimmers

Bearded men who need to constantly trim and reshape their facial hair need this. Professional hair clippers and trimmers come with accessories and attachments that give a required style and length of cut. There are so many options you can choose from.

22. An electric hair brush

Electric hairbrush prevents hair loss and breakage while getting perfectly styled hair. Electric Hair Brush may also come with a Hot Hair Straightener with an Auto Head Massage Function. Your woman will be thrilled to receive this as a gift.

23. Chess Set

Get a chess box for someone. A luxury and magnetic chess set is the perfect gift for chess lovers or brain puzzle game lovers.

24. Movable speakers /woofers

There are different sized mini-woofers or sub-woofers with unique designs and quality filtered sound. A gift option you may want to consider for a music lover.

25. Cable Pulley Machine

A Cable weight and pulley machine is an important is what marks the difference between a workout room and a great gym. Gym lovers know this. By getting it as a gift for someone, you also encourage them to exercise more and live a healthier life.

26. Massage cushion

Get online and shop for an electric Massage cushion. With a massage cushion, no need going for a misuse, It provides a vibrating, soothing and relaxing massage that melts away stress away after a hard day at work.

27. Bobbi Brown lipstick

Women love to makeup and look more elegant. Bobbi Brown lipstick gives a classic lip colour and lasting fresh lip look.

28. Newspaper with memories

A collection of personalized newspapers or genuine originals used to depict a timeline comprising of stories, a form of history or sweet important memories worth celebrating. This is such a priceless gift especially for a public figure or celebrity.

29. Mechanical music box

Everyone craves a sweet melody or music. The mechanical music box set is a modern improvement to the old classic music box set.
It has holes punched into special paper strips. The strips are fed into a hand-cranked box which produces unique musical tones.
It comes with blank paper strips, a hole puncher and an instruction manual. A great gift for all especially music lovers.


30. Sign of zodiac necklace

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, zodiac signs are of great significance to some people. Find out their specific star and Shop for a specially engraved zodiac sign necklace. A special gift for someone special.

31. Healing scent diffusers

Shop for brilliantly coloured portable scent diffusers. They are much prettier than the standard diffusers and not so big so they fit perfectly into the room. The healing scents are filled therein to re-energize or refresh the room with that sweet smelling fragrance. A perfect festive, wedding or Valentine’s gift.

32. A customized fragrance

Have a special and unique fresh fragrance designed specifically for someone special in a customized bottle with specially engraved texts. Unlike mass marketed fragrances, customized perfumes are one of a kind. You can select the scent, name and label. A perfect gift to showcase your love.

33. A designer handbag

Ladies love handbags. Surprise your woman with a perfect gift of a designer handbag. There are over a dozen latest designs currently trending in online stores. Shop now and select your preference.

34. A jewelry box

Greatly Finished jewelry boxes are available for jewelry packaging. Be it earrings, bracelet, necklace or any other jewelry, Custom printed jewelry boxes adds more value to it. There are many sizes at affordable prices.

35. An elegant dress

You have been invited to a couple’s event that specifies a particular dress code. Get an elegant dress for your spouse for that special occasion that meets all the specifics. Shop for classic elegant gowns and choose the appropriate colour.

36. Designer headphones

For music freaks and every other person alike. Everyone loves great musical tones. Visit online stores and select from many options available fashionable designer headphones with pure filtered audio quality.

37. Stationary bicycle

Encourage your loved one to exercise more buy presenting them with a gift of a stationary exercise bicycle. A stationary bicycle is a device with saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment rather than transportation.

38. Moonlight cushion

The Moonlight Cushions with LED colour changing lights make a perfect wedding gift present for people or those who love to relax and enjoy the quietude of a solo-romantic evening at home.

39. Ugg Dakota slippersThis is made in a classic moccasin style lined with pure wool for maximum comfort. It is carefully designed for both in-home and outdoor use. A Water resistant suede upper and a rubber outsole for easier traction.

40. Snap camera

Snap cameras have evolved past the age of just taking pictures. Cameras equipped with memory to save dates and important event timelines saves a lot of thinking in trying to recall a past event or date. If they are poor at record keeping and find it difficult at recalling, a snap camera gift present is all that is needed.

41. Aerosole bracket heels

Thinking of a gift with a lasting impression of love? Aerosols bracket heels are exquisitely fashionable romantic gifts for a girlfriend. Find women’s high quality and comfortable, on-trend shoes by Aerosoles at affordable prices.

42. Elderberry off the shoulder dress

Elderberry off the shoulder dress, perfect for a date night outfit. Save her all the stress of thinking of what to wear on that special anniversary. Its figure fitting and ruched styled. Made in the UK. Costs E120.00 in stock.

43. Cable and gauge sporty raglan sweatshirt

Sporty raglan sleeves are warming and artistically fashionable women designer top-wears that come in different designs, colours and sizes. You wouldn’t have to worry so much about the perfect size and colour. There are a whole lot of options available for you to choose.

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