There is nothing like love at first sight, what you feel when you see someone you like for the first time is a deep sense of attraction. Attraction draws you close, one word leads to a conversation, a cup of coffee then a drink and it goes on till it comes to a point we get blinded by love.

A time comes when nothing else seems to matter. Not your job, family, friends or other people’s opinions. That’s the moment of love. When two people get so addicted to each other it seems nothing ordinary can separate them.


Love is like a drug addiction. You can be so blinded by love that your love for a person is what leads you and controls all you do and think. Drug addicts can do everything in their power to get the drugs they need. So also, a person who is in love can do anything blindly to get the love he needs. Love gives us the strength to go an extra mile. People give as much love just to get back love no matter how little.

Sometimes love happens unexpectedly in an unexpected way. We just get addicted to someone we never thought we would ever feel attracted to. It feels so intense that staying apart from this person seems like an impossibility. But with time, the feeling wears out. Gradually we get a better view of our partner’s hidden not-so-good traits and it turns us off. It is then we discover that it was only an infatuation after all.


It is normal to get hypnotic by the feeling of love. Love has a tendency to make a person blind. Blind to logical facts and to his external environment. We all have come across people who were blinded by love and we all have at one point in our lives been pushed by love to do things that defied all logical thinking.


There is this saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You may be so blinded by love that all you see is beauty while everyone else sees the exact opposite.

A study done by a research team at the University of London, proved that people truly are blinded by love and the consequences can be very negative. Researchers found that blind love can occur in both romantic and parental love. Both are said to produce similar effects in the brain.

However, in the case of romantic love, the hypothalamus is activated, which results in a greater level of excitement”

Here are 10 indicators that a person is indeed blinded by love

1. You stop thinking of everything else but your partner

When you are blinded by love, everything else may cease to be of importance. You never mind quitting your job or the consequence of any action(s) whether good or bad (even if it involves breaking the law) you take, so long as it does not cost you your partner. Everything about your entire life becomes dependent on him or her.

2. Everything and everyone becomes secondary

Everyone has priorities in their life. It would be such a difficult task If it becomes a necessity that we must arrange all our priorities on a scale of preference. For some, family or relationship would be top on the list. Even then, having to substitute one for the other would be such a hard thing to do. People who are blinded by love consider their partners to be boldly at the top of the scale while every other item becomes secondary.

3. There is no limit to what you can do for your partner

I have heard countless times people saying they can take a bullet for their boyfriend or girlfriend. In as much as this extent of love feels so good, such love may metamorphose to some form of deadly hatred when things go bad.

4. You stop deciding for yourself

All decisions you make now are dependent on your partner. Even personal decisions about your life, business or career. Not being able to think and make decisions for yourself only leaves you confused and frustrated.

5. Overlooking red-flags about your partner

People who are truly in love with you would go every extra mile to do what they can that pleases you. When they start putting up an attitude that makes you start second guessing their genuineness, it is only natural that you reactively ask yourself pertinent questions on whether your relationship holds any future. Persons blinded by love however are too preoccupied to notice any flaws their partner may have. Your partner’s obviously bad traits feels like not much a problem at all.

6. Obsession

He/she is always on your mind. Thinking about your partner every second of the day could be a good feeling sometimes. Having extreme wild thrilling imaginations every second on the other hand could have serious negative consequences on your person. Extreme obsession is closely related to anxiety, mental unrest and phobia.

7. You start excusing obvious bad behaviour

Certainly, there must have been some principles and sensitivities that you have hitherto upheld deep within you as norms or acceptable behaviour. These norms you so sternly defended all of a sudden seem to have changed. For example, you used to be so conservative in spending but suddenly have no problem with extravagance, spending to your last dime. In a nutshell, when you start suppressing who you are or what you believe in, it could be a sign that you are blinded by love.

8. Taking decisions without prior deliberation

Feelings and emotions would always influence your decisions. When we are in love, the best decisions we can ever make that relates to our relationship are those we take time to think thoroughly about. Persons who are blinded by love are very likely to make hasty decisions especially if it pertains to their partner. Decisions taken based on feelings and emotions will never be the best decisions.

9. When Your Best friends become your enemies

“Frenemies,” a relationship term usually used by teens to describe friends who turn enemies. This type of fall-out happens most times when a friendship is skewed towards a one sided relationship or false pretences. Also, it could be as a result of the reason that you have indeed changed your behaviour towards your friends. When a person is in love, there is a higher tendency for him to inadvertently start acting like his friends are no longer useful.

10. Your partner abuses you but you don’t really care

Abusive people deserve to be single for the rest of their lives. A relationship should add value to your life and make you happier and not sadness or sorrow. It is not normal to feel its OK to stay with an abusive partner who takes away your joy. It does not add up for someone to abuse you and you in turn pay them back with more love. This is the most bizarre sign that you are blinded by love.

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