Normally, infidelity should lead to relationship breakups, but the case of David Guerrero, a teacher from Tottenham North London and his girlfriend Laura Noah seems different.

David who cheated with 300 women after his girlfriend granted him a ‘hall pass’ says the move was what saved their relationship.

David and career dancer Laura Noah have been in an open relationship for four years.

Before then, they had earlier dated for well over six years before David told Laura if she did not agree to open relationship he would quit.

In an interview with The Sun, David disclosed that he always felt tempted to have an affair and decided to tell Laura he wanted to ‘sow his wild oats’, rather than do it the wrong way.

“One night over dinner I told her I still loved her but I wanted to sleep with other women. She burst into tears and asked, ‘am I not enough?’ David revealed.

“It was horrible but I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. I was bored. I needed someone else to light my fire.”

“Initially, I suggested an open relationship to numb the blow. Laura was shocked and upset and said she’d have to think about it”.

He explained that at first, Laura felt depressed, but after a fortnight of thinking deeply over it, she finally agreed. However there was another challenge, she also wanted to get involved in his illicit escapades.

Guerrero confessed that initially, it felt normal for him — even after he’d tracked a woman online and slept with her. But after a while, when Laura opted to join them things became a bit strange.

He explained that he wasn’t comfortable with this type of arrangement. He’d needed more freedom to pursue his hookups and was scared of losing her at the same time, but at a point, David decided to risk it all by telling his partner of six years he wanted to go solo.

“In the space of four years I have slept with more than 300 different women and usually see three each week,” he says in The Sun.

He had taken it to a point of chatting other girls up even when he was out with Laura on date nights.

However, David hasn’t yet decided if cheating on Laura is a life he wants to live for the rest of their days.

“I’d been with Laura for six years when I started checking out other women and was tempted to have an affair — but I didn’t”. He told the sun.

Explaining further, David said he decided to tell Laura how he felt when his attraction to other women was beginning to ‘eat him up inside’.

The reason for this behavior he ascribes to genetics “I think it’s down to genetics, we want to sow our wild oats” he said.

Guerrero’s girlfriend Laura likewise has the freedom to sleep around and the couple says there are “no lies, no sneaking around and no betrayal”.

Speaking about their open relationship, Laura says she was “frightened” at first but didn’t want to trap her boyfriend or take his freedom. Losing him was not an option either.

“When David suggested an open relationship I was frightened. It was a shock but I wouldn’t want to trap someone or take their freedom. At first, it was hard but now I feel like a modern woman as his affairs have also given me freedom too. In a monogamous relationship, if someone is attracted to someone else it is a big problem. But in an open relationship, the fear of betrayal and someone sneaking behind your back is taken away. Good communication is key to avoiding tense situations and being clear about your priorities. I am not sure what we will do in the future but I am happy now”.

She says the open relationship now makes her a “modern woman” and David’s affairs have given her freedom too.

The couple affirms that they are OK with this sort of open relationship.

“My affairs have saved our relationship because I would have grown bored and left if I didn’t have my freedom.

“It has also made our se× life better and more vibrant.

“We now know each other more and are very protective of one another.

“It works because we respect and love one another and we know whatever we do, we are coming home to each other,” David said.


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