Have you ever felt really close to someone? So close to their minds that you find it hard to understand why you and the other person have two separate bodies? It feels like your souls are entwined, making it possible for you to be able to connect on a deeper level. This type of connection is what birthed the idea of a twin flame.


The first time I heard about Twin Flames, the idea sounded so appealing – largely because I misunderstood the concept at first.

It is normal for us all to feel the need to love someone and be special in the sight of that one person too.

Just like many others who have been misled in the past. I used to think that finding my Twin Flame meant finding guaranteed love, a partner for life and a guaranteed relationship. But I later realized that I was wrong.

For any relationship to work, it requires a certain minimal effort. Having a big ego, expecting love from divine sources will take your relationship nowhere — even if your significant other is your twin flame.

Two twins crossing paths with each other doesn’t mean there would be an end to all their romantic woes and frustrations. In fact, for most Twin Flames, crossing paths with each other triggers untold chaos in one or both of their lives – usually partnered with a massive spiritual awakening.

This chaos is said to be the main reason twin flames all of a sudden are reawakened to seek that spiritual journey. They at this point are pushed to find relief, healing, and help from the other part of their soul.

Popular myths about Twin Flames

Twin Flame myths

There are many myths and beliefs that make the idea of the twin flame rather difficult to understand. Here are some of the most talked about.

1. Every soul has only one Twin Flame in a lifetime.

2. A Twin Flame is always a romantic partner of the opposite gender.

3. When you cross paths with your Twin Flame, it is guaranteed that your relationship must work perfectly.

4. You feel an overwhelming attraction the instant you set sight on your Twin Flame. And, your relationship runs smoothly from that moment for eternity.

5. All your romantic woes will vanquish when you meet your twin flame and you will instantly recognize them.

6. Your Twin Flame will wait for you, would never cheat on you and would never get married to another except you.

7. All Twin Flame relationships follow the same pattern and trajectory.


1. Every Soul has one Twin Flame in a lifetime

All souls have one twin flame

Firstly, the idea that every soul has only one twin flame first originated from the Greek Mythology, that we were originally created with two sexes, four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus feared that the massive power of men would overpower the Gods so he split everyone in two, dooming us to search for our other half for eternity.

Secondly, we very often misunderstand the concept of Twin Flames. Thirdly the general misconception of what a soul really is. Fourthly and more importantly, our egoistic need to be loved and feel special.

Teachings of spirituality, religion and recently manifestation teachings like The Secret – have made us believe that every single one of us is special. These teachings constantly remind us that we are entitled to all love and attention – because we were born.

But judging from the fact that life very often throws its back in our faces every single day, is enough evidence that this isn’t the case.
Nonetheless, we’re desperate to hold onto that belief — to hope that life has the very best in store for us. It is by this that we transfer the idea of being made special onto specific life events – like finding love and meeting our twin flame.


2. A Twin Flame is always a romantic partner of the opposite gender.

Twin Flames aren’t always romantic partners

Many love and relationship spiritualists have written articles insinuating that Twin Flames are always romantic relationships. I fervently believe that this is another misconception. This belief is also what leads to the thinking that there can only be one twin flame.

For example, it is possible that we already have a whole bunch of Twin Flames on earth releasing zero point energy, then doesn’t it make sense that we would give them multiple other Twin Flame relationships in their lives to increase zero point energy production?

It is believed that on the average, about 40% of souls are Twin Flames. But, at a certain time on Earth, there can be as many as 70 – 80% of the souls on the planet that are Twin Flames.

In essence, some of these are parent/child bonds, bonds between siblings, friends, lovers and so on. What matters most is that these relationships are seeing issues reconciled and releasing that zero-point energy in the field.

And since there are always backups, it makes sense that these backups float around in your life, nearby, waiting for the right time to step in.

3. Twin Flame relationships don’t fail


Twin Flame relationships may be difficult to navigate

It is often misconstrued that Twin Flame relationships don’t fail but in reality, twin flame relationships are very difficult to navigate.

Your twin flame is likely to be your exact opposite. You both carry these extreme dualities – like one is a liar and the other totally truthful. But nature blended these two extremes by adding some fuel to the fire and picked Twin Flames that have huge karmic loads to balance as well.

Thus, from the energetic view, this achieves something amazing. Each burst of zero point energy is greatly magnified, giving us way more bang for our buck, helping our relationships make progress and faster. Thus making such bonds more complicated and difficult to navigate.


4. Twin Flame relationships run smoothly the moment both flames cross paths

Twin Flame relationships aren’t always without problems

Most twin flame relationships take the form of the runner/chaser — but for a good reason though. This is the only pattern such relationships seem to work perfectly. More often than not, in fact, Twin Flames will be a total chaos from the moment you meet. And if the relationship isn’t as chaotic, other areas of your life will start falling apart.

Another very interesting pattern is the push-pull effect… as one twin comes right in an area, the other gets thrown off balance.

This ON and OFF can be very frustrating if not balanced because there will always seem to be an inequality in the relationship.

5. All your romantic woes will vanquish when you meet your twin flame and you will instantly recognize them


There are Twin Flames who didn’t know they could be this close from the onset. Sometimes, there is a disinterest from one party at first.

In most cases, twin flame relationships begin with the runner/chaser cycle. One of the Twin Flames instantly falls in love and begins a very long chase to win the other’s affection. The journey is usually long and tedious until it reaches a point where a commitment is finally made.

There are instances it happens thus; After the runner gets caught finally and a relationship begins. Over time, the runner becomes the chaser for a duration and the switching continues. In many cases, the initial runner is the one that ends up heartbroken in the end.

6. Your Twin Flame will wait for you

Your Twin Flame may be already married

There is yet another misconception that your twin flame will wait for you, would never cheat on you and would never get married to another except you.

This particular misconception is related to the idea that twin flames are god-sent and programmed for each other. It is on this idea that we think our twin flame would never be married until we meet them.

We feel a sense of entitlement and a high thirst for instant gratification. In this age, patience is fast becoming a lost trait. This impatience is borne out of desperation and a need to quell our loneliness, connect with others and reap the fruits of love have led many into hasty wrong and sometimes toxic relationships.

This impatience, combined with our desperation, loneliness, a need for connection, and this idea that we are mature before our time, leads many of us into hasty relationships at an early age.

A lot of people are already in relationships, already married (for the wrong reasons), fell pregnant, or are just overwhelmed with financial or health issues.

In essence, it is possible to meet your Twin Flame after they have married the wrong person 10 or 15 years ago. It has nothing to do with fate neither is it as a result of your impatience.

7. All Twin Flame relationships follow the same pattern and trajectory


Expressing love/ Creating love

The idea that all Twin Flames follow the same path and trajectory simply isn’t true.

Twin flames are generally of two kinds; Expressing Love Twin Flames, and then Creating Love Twin Flames.

Expressing Love Twin Flame relationships mostly are sunshine and roses. Both parties adore each other and want to be together, and because of this, the relationship is smooth sailing.

On the other hand, Creating Love Twin Flame, and as the name suggests, work deliberately to create love or opportunity for love between them. It is either they both see the good prospects of being together or circumstances bring them together.

Whatever the circumstances may be; obligation, often work, family or marriage, these Twins have to work hard to traverse and cross huge boundaries to be able to share a life together.

If these two finally surmount the obstacles and do manage to get it together, the relationship is usually very rocky, passionate and even fiery sometimes.

Relationship Researchers have also found these relationships to be very sexual, spiced with high drama, energy, and tension, which makes them irresistible in many cases.


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