If marriage was so important, then why do married people still cheat on their spouses? Why is divorce becoming so common by the day? Can anyone not live a normal life if he or she isn’t married?

We have heard bizarre stories of people caught cheating on their partners just a few days to their weddings. I have been to a wedding where the bride wanted calling it all off, on finding out her husband to be was not who she thought he really was. But why the rush? What’s so important about marriages that people find it so hard to endure the waiting time?

Whats that thing that makes people jump into marriages when they are not ready?

The fact is, many people these days are not really interested in a marriage but a wedding. “Hopefully” now prefixes the phrase “….live together happily ever after”

Ceri Clark author of “How-to guides” says this on Quora;

“Marriage is not necessary but it is important. It is only important when you find someone you want to be with and you both love each other.

You don’t need marriage to be happy. In fact, you should be happy before you find someone. It is not fair for a person to make their happiness the responsibility of another.

Marriage (for me) is a commitment to show that you are both ready to settle down and be a family with or without kids.

It shows, or should, that you have thought about life with and without your partner. You have looked at the pros and cons and if you cannot imagine life without that person and were prepared to ‘forsake all others’ then you have a potential happy marriage there.

Some people can live their entire lives without getting married and do rather well for themselves. They can be single or live with a partner. If you are both on the same page then this is great and you have relationship bliss. Unfortunately if one of you wants something different, relationship-wise, then there will be trouble”.

In many traditional settings these days, men and women who are in their thirties but are yet to be married are being discriminated upon. Many have opted to get married only because of the pressure society mounts on them. Lately, this has become a modernized form of forced marriage. Many have got married only to satisfy the want of parents and the general society.

Since society is mostly made up of families, people generally tend to look at married people as better than singles.

Marriage shouldn’t be seen as a means to an end but an end in itself. If you really enjoy your own company and feel adequate enough being your own husband, then let no one trick into the idea of marriage. If you haven’t found the woman you have craved to spend the rest of your life with, then why not wait till then?

It doesn’t matter if you are married or not. If marriage is not something you so desire, then you are not ready for it just yet. Be honest with yourself and your partner about your wants, needs, and desires

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