Truly first impressions matter a lot and women particularly feel more attracted to men in cars. No matter her highly placed or low a woman is, she’ll get impressed by a man in a car.

I recall this particular scene in the movie, “Think Like a Man”. Dominic ‘the dreamer’ approached Lauren; a driven and accomplished career-woman and asked her out on a date. But beyond the main storyline, Dominic enkindled an excellent first impression on Lauren by commandeering and flaunting his boss’s ride, an act that eventually got him fired. Fortunately for him, his life had a better turn and Lauren got awakened realizing what she really wanted in life.

Why do ladies fall easily for men in cars?

Check out this real-life conversation between Steve and Stephie, two romantic friends.

Steve: Hello Stephie,

Stephie: Hi Steve

Steve: What are your plans for the evening?

Stephie: Really don’t know, having a slight headache, just wanna rest.

Steve: That must be because you have been sleeping for too long, can I pick you up?

Stephie: Sure, you can come by. Just give me some minutes. Like an hour.

Steve: Ok, will call you in an hour.

Stephie instantly had a change of heart to go out with Steve but only because Steve opted to pick her up.

But then, we tried to mix things up a little, we asked Steve to call Stephie again and alter the plans.

Steve: Hello Stephie, my car just broke down, can you walk down the street to meet me at the Coffee shop?

Sure I can, but I just told you I am having a headache, let’s make it some other time” Was Stephie’s response.

Really, women always fancy men in cars. The mere suggestion that a man drives a car will make a woman reconsider her earlier stance and opt to go out on a date. There is something beguiling about men in cars that women find themselves inadvertently attracted to.

But what’s so beguiling about men in cars?

Just the way ladies tend to be drawn to guys with confidence, well-tapered biceps, strong muscles and healthy beards, that’s the same way they love guys with cars.

A man who drives a car depicts a symbol of status, power, and influence, and these are some of those things every Lady wants in her man.

For any woman to let go her pride and commit herself to a relationship, she wants to feel safe and secure not just emotionally but physically. She wants to feel elated, respected, confident and comfortable. All these are what a car gives.

A car makes up for most of a guy’s insecurities; dress sense, looks or intellect.

Young women, in particular, may also prefer dating guys with cars for the fun. But mature women have different reasons of their own.

A man who can afford to own and drive a car can sure take good care of himself and his woman. Men who drive cars are seen to be of a higher social class.

Having a car signifies that the guy is financially in a better position, which means he has a steady source of income and can provide a comfortable life.

Perhaps, in more wealthy societies, having a Porsche or Ferrari may not be much of a big deal. In such societies, a guy driving a car isn’t much of standard women judge upon because really, every man drives one. But the truth is, women are hardwired to employ such criteria in selecting their men, just as guys feel drawn to the beauty and lascivity of a woman.

If you want to make that first date really special but you don’t own a car, borrow or hire one. A nice ride might just make the difference.

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