Everyone has their relationship preferences. We all have peculiar qualities and characteristics we want in a mate. We all have our personal understanding of what we think love and relationships should feel like. Many will attest to the fact that nothing feels better in life than loving someone and having them love you back with equal fervor. That’s for those who have experienced true love and understand how pleasurably exciting it can be.


Nonetheless, we must be cautious as the more we love, the more vulnerable and exposed we become. When we love, we are more prone to hurt, pain and disappointment. In many societies, the task of initiating a relationship mostly lies with the men. It is expected that a man should be the one wooing and chasing after the woman he loves. And that’s the more reason why every man should carefully weigh his chances to know if the woman he is chasing is really worth the time and energy. Here are some things you should look out for in a girl you are trying to woo. If she satisfies these conditions, then she is truly worth your time.

She likes you and it’s no big deal saying it out loud

Some girls have a habit of turning guys on and leading them on a wild goose chase. They radiate all the green light from a distance, only to pull away the cheese just when you are about having a bite. But not all though, a good woman will make you go through none of that. She plays no games because she loves you just as much as you love her.

She takes the lead

Every man enjoys the moment he has to hold back and let his woman take the lead. Different cultures preach submissiveness and it is believed that men love submissive women more. But that’s erroneous. It is so wrong to assume that all men are only looking for submissive women. The truth is, men want to feel dominant and powerful but once they get to that point, they lust for a woman with a personality strong enough to match their ego. Believe me guys, if you’ve found a strong and independent woman, stay glued to her. Surely she’s definately the right one.

She supports your dreams and ambitions in life

The sweetest thing about being in a relationship is the fact that you are with someone who encourages you every day to be the best version of yourself. A woman who is supportive of your goals in life is worth all the time in the world. No matter what happens, consider yourself a lucky man. You have gained so much from her already.

She introduces you to her best friends

A woman who is not very much into you wouldn’t feel so comfortable introducing you to her best friends. If she does introduce you, it may be for these reasons; to see how you will behave around her friends, and to read her friend’s opinion about you. Either way, it’s a sure proof that she thinks you both have a future together.

She’s got her own life goals

Well, could it be true that most men prefer to marry weaker women? It’s hard to tell, but a smart man will go for a smarter woman. A strong and ambitious woman by your side would be a great deal of a motivator. You wouldn’t have to worry about her, and she needs not your constant approval. A healthy combo of your personal goals is what you both need to grow a deeper affection for each other.

She puts up with your flaws

Many relationships only seem to consist of a partner criticizing the other which may spew up dirty arguments. It could be things as insignificant as a bad joke, a shabby dress or an annoying habit. And we all have that not-so-attractive side. But there is always that one woman that can tolerate it all. If you have found her, then consider yourself the lucky one.

She’s all forgiving

Forgiveness is the pillar of every healthy relationship. No one is ever perfect. There are always times we will get each other piqued but forgiveness always mends all cracks. A study by researchers of the Luther College, the Duke University, and the Harvard Divinity School showed that people who can unconditionally forgive others live longer lives. If you have found a woman who forgives that easily, that’s a sign that you will surely be together for a long time.

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