Are you planning on having a wedding? Or have you ever carefully thought about the process of getting married? If you have, then you must have foreseen what your honeymoon would be like. But if the thought of a honeymoon never crosses your mind, then something very important is missing in your plan. According to Irina Vishnevskaya, a honeymoon is much more important than a wedding. Weddings aren’t about you, but honeymoons are.

Many a young couple honestly believe the lines “after the wedding party, the couple then proceed to live happily ever after”. But “happily ever after” is a phrase too exaggerated, more probable in fairy tales than reality. All marriages go through tough and trying times. A sweet and lasting marriage always begins with a near-perfect honeymoon. Although sometimes even a honeymoon can be somewhat stressful.

Diane Von Furstenberg advises new couples; “Go to a place where you’re not going to be stressed, because a honeymoon itself can be a stressful thing”.

Make no mistake about it, a honeymoon phase marks the beginning of marriage life proper. Getting a right grasp of what marriage life feels like from the beginning is what will make living together as a couple either satisfying or sour.


After the wedding ceremony, the couple’s expectations are usually extremely high. Having heard about the sweetness of Marriage, talked about it, planned and executed a wedding. But that was all acting up. Weddings are only meant to entertain and satisfy guests.

A honeymoon is like a wake-up from a dream to actual realism. It is a period that a couple is left alone with their joy and their problems. And if there are any hassles, it may seem too early to talk about it. Not talking about your problems in turn creates mishaps thereby making your honeymoon so rigorous such that it has to be endured rather than enjoyed.


Firstly, why is a honeymoon so important?

A newly wedded couple, especially those with a tight work schedule or thin finances would most certainly ask “do we really have to go on a honeymoon vacation?”. Of course you do, if you truly value your relationship and want your marriage life to work out just perfectly. It is a reality that weddings are done primarily to entertain guests. In fact, it is said that over 90% of couples are so stressed they don’t even have sex on the night of their wedding day. After all the crazy months of planning and primping, you at least deserve some rest time to cool off the heat.

The honeymoon period relieves the stress of a wedding, helps couples relax, do awkward things together, learn new things about each other, cover up for lost time and set the tone for a new life. Honeymoon is a bridge from the nuptial phase to the actual reality called marriage.

Here are some essential tips to enjoying the best of your honeymoon plus ways you can cope with its rigors

1. Act like you just met

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So you must give your spouse full and complete attention, like when you were out on a first date. Be interested in learning and understanding everything about them during this period.

2. Surprise your partner with something new everyday

Say no to boredom. Spice up your honeymoon by surprising your partner with something they are yet to know about you everyday.

3. Express yourself

Really it’s too late keeping secrets and ideas to yourself. That will only make you sad and moody. Speak your mind, say how you feel about anything. Try this method and you will always be happy.

4. Inject more fun

Create something funny, always find jokes that can make your spouse laugh his head out. “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” – Mark Twain.

5. Take less alcohol

Remember that you will be spending the rest of your life together, so be real with yourself and your spouse. Don’t ever attempt to hide or suppress your real self with any drugs or alcohol to please your partner.

If your spouse cannot stay off alcohol or has other addiction problems, find a way to trick them to at least cut off a little from it.

6. Give her a break once in a while

This is a mistake many people make during honeymoon. The fact that you are wedded and deeply in love doesn’t mean you have to be so attached to each other, to the point of following your spouse to the rest room. Everyone has his or her own personal space and boundaries. Not knowing when you have crossed the line will be a great turnoff for your partner, (though they might not say). You become like an irritant or bug.

If your spouse acts this way

He or she never feels like they are doing anything wrong. All they are trying to do is ‘to care’ and show you how much they love you. All you need to do is to apply a reverse psychology on them. Turn the table around, bug them in return. While going to the restroom, invite them to come along. I bet you they wouldn’t.

7. Look at your phone only when you are not together

Quite understandably, you most certainly would feel like checking into your Facebook, Instagram or tweeting your best honeymoon holiday moments. But don’t let it be a distraction. This is a time for relaxation and letting go off the pressures of the other world. With electronics and social media, you may have a tough time relaxing.

Lastly, you have all the time to tell your honeymoon story on social media when you get home. So relax and have fun, enjoy your time now and leave the rest for later.

If your spouse is always on his phone during your honeymoon

Take the phone and crush to pieces! Seriously? I didn’t mean that. This attitude can be quite annoying if you are the one at the receiving end. But there are other ways you can handle it maturely and even turn it into an advantage. You can start by asking calmly what he or she is doing on the phone and offer to give a helping hand.

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