She never compromises on her stand. Susan never says sorry. Even if she is clearly in the wrong, she just wouldn’t admit it

Dear Editor, please publish my story.

Many years back in high school, I used to be a member of a click and we had this guy’s code “never show a girl how much you love her or she’ll most certainly see you as weak”. I never really believed in all that and often waved it aside until recently, my girlfriend’s attitude is making me to start thinking otherwise.

I liked Susan so much right from the very first day I saw her. Although my best man had warned me that we were never a good match, I was helplessly besotted by her sexy and cerebral personality. She is so damn intelligent that she sees what’s yet to happen. I was determined to sacrifice just anything to woo her to return my feelings. But now am thinking I shouldn’t have done all that right from the beginning.

Months after I met her, we became good friends. We chatted openly about everything; our love lives, friendships, career and all. We became so close and I fell in love with not just her alluring looks but the entirity of her beautiful personality. I believed she was in love with me too as she’d already started treating me like a boyfriend.

Our friendship was going quite well until the day I formally asked her to be my girlfriend. Susan didn’t take much time accepting my proposal but then I noticed something rather new about her. She started withdrawing from me, making herself unavailable, keeping secrets, her calls got fewer and sometimes she never answered my calls or even returned them.

The girl I thought I knew so well had suddenly changed and become this complex. One moment we are so good together and another moment she gets moody and cuts off completely.

She never says sorry

One other fact that makes our relationship so complicated is that; She never compromises on her stand. Susan never says sorry. Even if she is clearly in the wrong, she just wouldn’t admit it. Am always at the receiving end. This attitude sometimes nearly freaks me out. I really love her and I don’t want to lose her. I need your advice.


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