Once upon a time I became yours and you became mine. And we’ll stay together through both the tears & the laughter… Because that’s what they call happily ever after. #quote #fairytale #love

Such cute words.

I was the BEST MAN at this wedding and had to read these words on behalf of the groom. I couldn’t help but make a decision there and then, a resolve that took us to this day.

“And today we just got wedded. Right in the presence of everyone, we both said ‘I do’. What a pleasant experience it is, but very many years ago, I never had any liking for weddings.

Weddings were consequently annoying to me for a simple reason that I never even believed in the ‘love each other forever after’ phrase. In my little brain, I thought no woman would ever be good enough for such undertaking. Besides, I was realistically disgusted about every other thing related to ‘weddings’

On this momentous day, it was a wedding reception and as was usual of me, I got bored to distraction. My stomach felt so silly like a hungry nursery school pupil counting the seconds left in every minute before the closing hour. Sincerely I cannot tell exactly why I hated weddings so much.

Perhaps it was because I never had a great deal of luck in dating. Relationship intrigues were too much of a burden to bear. Falling in love, feeling hypnotized, being possessed by someone and all of a sudden, getting heartbroken and nosediving-flipside back to where you came from.

I had been in many relationships but they never ended so good. Sometimes the reasons were so funny that on recall, I felt like laughing, crying, and throwing a party all at the same time. But all that was before I met you!

Today, i join those who can boast to be contentedly married and I wonder how now my most boring moments became my best. How right now I feel so loved, I feel so like the luckiest man on the planet.

I hated the idea that everything changes when friends get married. Attending a friend’s wedding clearly was like going to bade them farewell. Surely I hate goodbye’s. Yet today am doing that same thing I never liked others do to me.

Once upon a time, I was at this wedding. It was precisely the time for presentation of gifts to the couple, I was thinking ‘oh, soon, it would be all over’ when it happened so unexpectedly. I can recall every detail;

My mum had called, was walking away from the noisy speakers so I could answer my phone or probably call her back but something else called my attention. A perfectly pretty but lonely girl trying to take a selfie.

Feeling a little tipsy with a little glass of vodka I had sipped earlier, it was not quite herculean to pin my thoughts on something specific and think it all through. The moment I saw her, I knew exactly that she needed some help.

“hello, can I help?” came almost naturally.

She smiled, I took that for a YES.

At the moment, it seemed just like an instinctive act, offering to assist only because of my love for photography. But while taking the pictures, I saw something impressively angelic beyond what camera lenses could capture. Momentarily, I was lost. She appeared so blissful, amazing and lovely. I fell so in love.

We dated for close to six years but everything seems so fast like we just met yesterday. Even this morning, I still could not really tell if I was dreaming or it was real.

But at the present I make out that it is real, a good dream come true. Today I became yours and you became mine and we will share in this love for the rest of our days”



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