If you break someone’s heart and they still talk to you with the same excitement and respect, then they still love you.

It starts when you meet someone, get closer and then you have a liking for them or feel a crush. It didn’t take long before you both fell in love. Initially, it was all sweet, but the relationship never saw the next daylight. Maybe it was your fault, maybe it was your partner’s or it was due to some circumstances beyond the both of you. Either way you sometimes regret it, you secretly fantasize having them back. You still find yourself thinking – wanting the past yet dreaming of a better future. Hoping that your ex would come to realize that what you both shared is worth another try. Quite nice though. Problem is – you are not so sure if your ex really wants the same thing. What if they don’t? Your ego is too much to let you be the first to admit that you still love them. What if they say NO?


They call or text in a while, comment on your social media profiles or give you that seductive look that jogs back sweet past memories. But you are still confused as to what they really want. It’s never easy to decipher if your ex still loves you or not – especially when he or she is yet to make a move.

If your ex keeps doing one or more of these things, then it’s likely that they are still in love with you.

#1. Do your ex feel bad on finding out you are dating someone else?

Then they are still in love. Everyone feels bad seeing someone they love getting romantically involved with someone else. It is much more for an ex boyfriend or girlfriend whom you have crossed the intimate lines with in the past. It is only natural that they will get jealous if they still love to get back with you just like old times.

#2. They often remind you of old pleasant memories

Who would want to keep talking about the past? – if it wasn’t really worthy of mention. Do your ex keep reminding you about the best places you used to go and the sweet things you did together in the past? They wouldn’t mind reminding you of all the good times you both shared. Trying so much to make you see the good picture and fall in love with it once more.

#3. Do they get touchy when you come close?

Do they go for a hug or embrace while taking a deep inhaling breath of the fragrance on your hair? or hold your hands when you get close. Usually if your ex still has feelings for you, he’ll linger on a bit after a hug or get curly and wrap up his fingers around your palms. But if she has no more feelings for you, she wouldn’t even get anywhere close, not to talk of getting touchy.

#4. Their subsequent relationships ain’t working out

After you both broke-up, their subsequent relationships only lasts a blink – just a few weeks or months and it’s over. Yet you were so good together, much compatible and you had no serious issues. They still find a way to air their frustrating love stories at the same time reminding you how good you both used to be.

#5. Your Ex keeps stalking you on social media

Someone who is over you and over for real wouldn’t even think about checking on your social media profiles. But they just keep stalking, checking if someone else is giving you attention or searching for clues if you want them back too.

#6. They call without reason

Who is not guilty of this? You wouldn’t call someone if you ain’t thinking of them. They just call and mumble some words you can hardly place. Sometimes they call when they are tipsy and say nothing substantial. They keep calling because they miss you and would really want to say it but it’s not that easy.

#7. They still compliment you

Compliments range from a simple ‘like’ on Facebook or Instagram, a casual comment or a vocal expression. Whatever form it takes, getting constant compliments from an ex could mean they are still not over you. Very likely, they are still fantasize over past memories and secretly wish to get back with you.

#8. They accept responsibility for what went wrong

This may be similar to guilt but it’s not. All your ex is trying to say is, they have learnt from the past and would do better if given a second chance.

#9. They ask about your love life

Why would your ex want to know about your current relationship status? They care that much because they still fantasize having you back.

#10. He tries to keep in touch

If he frequently or on steady basis rings you once in a while, texts, or sends messages to your inbox, it could be because he misses you. He is trying his best to cope with the pain of living without you.

#11. They want to see you

This is rather too obvious but sometimes we assume a lot and may be blinded to the fact that whatever went wrong resulting into a breakup can still be made right. Statements like “I wish you were here right now”, ” I wish I could see you” all means they are still in love and want you back.

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