Am I dating the right person? Or Is He or She the right one for me?

These thoughts often cross our minds most especially at the infancy of a new relationship.


A popular adage says “people with good hearts and who look prettiest are more likely to be single than average persons” – I quite agree. It’s hard enough finding someone you are physically attracted to, who you love and who shares a similar lifestyle with you or which you fancy. But it’s twice as hard keeping to that one person you have found and not looking sideways for another – The temptation can be intense.

Everyday, we come across good looking and smarter people who seem a bit more perfect than our partners. It’s tempting to want to jump from one person to another in a bid to find the perfect one.

Chofam researched some signs that will be most visible if the person you are dating is the right one for you. Here are our findings.

1. They always have your undivided attention

Undivided attention

Everyone needs attention. On our side, we all know how wonderful it feels when someone has our undivided attention. But attention never comes easy. After the initial stages of a relationship, our attention would naturally begin to diminish. But for some reason, it’s still easy having the attention of someone if they truly love you.

2. They are OK with who you are

They love you for who you are

They see right through you, understand all your strengths and imperfections but still put up with all. You have no need hiding your not-so-good side from them. You’ll feel free and real around them because they love you for who you are.

3. They are sad when you are sad

They are sad when you are sad

When you feel a deep connection between you and your partner, he may just be the right one for you. Like conjoined twins, you see their successes as your successes and when there is a pinch anywhere, it hurts you both. You are like soul-mates.

4. They will always stick out their neck for you

You can vouch for them

Would you vouch for him or her to be able to willingly take the hit for you? They would, only if he or she is the right one for you. Taking a hit for someone here is more figurative than literal. It is like accepting some difficulty, taking responsibility for some blame or danger in order to protect you.

5. They are a source of solace

They are a source of solace

The ride of life is full of UPS and DOWNS. There are always hard times. When life takes us through these hard times, we should at least have someone who consoles us. Sometimes, all we need is a shoulder to cry on and someone to reassure us that we will be just fine. If your partner is this person, then he or she is the right one for you.

6. They perfectly fit into your dreams

They fit into your dreams

If your partner is the right one for you, you don’t need to create a special place for them in your life – they just fit in. They share your future visions. You may have different passions and backgrounds but ultimately, you should be going in one direction. Despite your differences, you want the same things.

7. You are so in love with each other

You are in love with each other

Love is the bedrock of any any relationship. It is a shared feeling – not one-sided, a total surrender of heart to each other and must have some degree of spontaneity. You know you are in love with your partner when you feel it and your feelings are returned. You devise ways to show each other how you feel, you have no need testing your loyalties and quarrels are settled within a short time.

8. Even your pet approves

Your pet loves them

Funny right? They say love is blind. The flaws others see in your partner may not be so visible to you. But this time, it’s different. Your friends and family all have approved of your relationship. When even your pet feels at ease with them, then he or she is the right one for you.

9. You love to spend time with each other

You love to spend time with each other

Any time you are apart, you cannot stop thinking about them. They also enjoy spending quality time with you. Times and places matter less. You just enjoy a good time together.

10. They make you a better person

They make you a better person

Does he or she encourage you and push your drive toward achieving your dreams? If they are the right one for you, they would encourage you to work harder, to improve on yourself and make you want better things for the future.

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