worth the chase

If  he truly loves you, you’ll be worth the chase, he’ll go out of his way to prove the fact that he does

This may not go well with us guys. But, ladies; you need to stop offering too much of yourself to a man who forthrightly, has little or no interest in you.

The fact is, most men rather prefer and enjoy being the ‘chasers’ than being ‘chased’ all around by a woman. Men love to be ‘men’ – to take charge and lead. We love to be the initiators – or at least take the credit for it. When a man sees a woman he really loves, his heart picks up a challenge. He’d naturally feel the push to go after and woo her with reckless abandon. But if his feelings aren’t absolute, then he is less likely to passionately chase or go after her with much vigour. This should be enough proof that he is not so into you after all. Living with the hope that such a man will eventually change his mind and fall in love with you is like standing on two-edged sword. He’s either going to flee or pretend that he loves you – then take you for granted.


Recent relationship and gender theorists keep trying to explain why both men and women should share similar behavioural roles in  relationships. With maxims like “What a man can do, a woman can do better” and all other similar phrases. But each gender is peculiar, thinks differently and is programmed to behave in a particular way. Most women prefer dominant, masculine men, Just as men also love women with tight waists and round assets. These are in-born traits. We are naturally programmed to be that way.

It is more than just cultural or traditional for a man to walk up to a lady and ask her out on a date. As it is for a woman to wait for him to ask her out, or if she is bold enough, ask him to ask her out instead of being frank and going forth with the ‘asking’ directly. Deep down in our souls, there is this urge to either be gentlemanly or ladylike.

Women most times come up with different theories why their man isn’t indeed chasing after them – so as to shy away from the most likely but heartbreaking fact that he may not be so in love with her. She may be thinking it’s because he is too busy with his career, he is just shy, that’s his nature or some men are just like that. But all that may be nothing but excuses.

If a man is in love, he’d go any length to prove the point. He’d do anything to be with you despite his busy schedule. He’d call you thrice a day and say nothing – if he is indeed the shy type. You’d be worth the chase and he’d break his routines just for you. And if he doesn’t, then you’d never be worth his time.

The dilemma of a woman who is in love with a man who shows no interest arouses much pity. She’s hopeful that one day her relationship would be perfect – when he finally realizes that she loves him so much or when he succeeds in surmounting all the issues that had hitherto held him down.

She seldom realizes that in actual realism, he never puts up a chase because he is not emotionally aroused enough by her. It is possible that he loves you but may still not be so in love with you – there is a difference. You are not just worth all the trouble to him.

Suffice to say that this does not apply to all men. Few men are a bit complicated and so damn shy to a point of not wanting to make a move – even if a crush is almost killing them. Such guys may need a little help. But not really to the extent of taking over a role that should be purely masculine. Sure, you can go ask him out if he cannot summon up the balls to walk up to you. Just be sure to act ladylike.

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