You can hope for love, pray for love, wish to be loved and dream of love, it is all normal, but never put your life on hold waiting for love.

Wanting to love someone and be loved back in return – we all know it’s human. But there are some questions we still keep searching for answers. Why is true love so rare to come by? Why is it so hard for us to meet that special someone and catch a perfect vibe? How can you attract the love you deserve? Since everyone craves for true love – it should be easy for one to get a perfect match in a jiffy. But in reality, it’s never that easy. This is evident in the number of dating sites and the number of people who register on such sites with the hope of being paired with a partner.


We are constantly updating our social media profiles, checking on someone’s, visiting relationship blogs or discussing with close friends. In all we are drawn to others and we just want to attract them to like us back in return. No one wants to be alone, we all need love.

And that’s why we keep looking, searching for answers, waiting for the perfect one. Seldom do we realise that the answers we seek are within us – if only we can look harder.

Waiting for love is like placing your life on a precondition – “I have stopped living, until I find love”. On the contrary, it never feels like being patient or ‘waiting’ at all. So why not try a different method instead of going through the ‘wait’, hurt and pain. Why not work on yourself to attract the love you deserve.

1. Start loving yourself more

People will find it hard to love you if you do not love yourself first. When you start loving yourself, your life begins to improve, you are happier and your relationships get better or the toxic ones dissolve automatically. Loving yourself opens up a window of self-discovery – knowing who you really are and what you truly want. It is only when you love yourself enough that you can learn and understand what it means to love another.

2. Be true to yourself and others

Are you always wanting to do a particular thing but feeling worried about what people would say? Do you feel at ease living in your own skin? To be true to yourself means accepting the fact that you are distinct from every other person. It entails being who you are and acting in accordance with what you believe. By so doing, you attract the right people into your life. They fall in love with “the real you” and not a perceived image of you.

3. Be kind and considerate

Being considerate of others will take you and your children further in life than any college or professional degree” – Marian Wright Edelman. It feels good to put a smile on another’s face. Apart from the fact that you have made someone smile, Showing kindness to a random stranger livens your mood. It’s a magical chain reaction leading right back to you.

4. Stop thinking too much

Too many negative thoughts on your mind makes you less happier and also less attractive. You are not that pretty, not very rich, work too many hours and many more. You may be going through the worst moments of your life but all that doesn’t really matter when you meet the right person. Put up a smile. Stop thinking about your limitations. Rather think about the positives. Again, focus on what’s happening in the present. Don’t worry so much about the past and understand that the future has a way of taking care of itself.

5. Let go off the past

Try to maintain a level of optimism. The fact that things didn’t work out quite well in your past relationships only means you are yet to find your perfect mate. Believe that you are going to meet the right one soon and things will be different this time.

6. Be confident, believe in yourself

Being confident in yourself is pushing past your discomfort, putting yourself out there for others not caring if they will be cool with you or not. It’s like taking back control of your own life, not minding whatever people say or feel about you. Confidence and self-belief radiates all over you – such that it’s easy for others to see. People are attracted to confident people. You can grow your confidence by not listening to negative self-talk and sticking to a habit till you perfect in it.

7. Work on your appearance

Take your time to work on your looks. Learn about your body shape and find clothes that best suit your frame. Your appearance tells a lot about you – especially for a first impression. Believe it or not, you are judged by how you look. Your dress sense is capable of attracting or repelling others. It’s is also capable of attracting the right or wrong people to you.

8. Be honest about your feelings and learn to express them

The thinking that “if he truly loves me, then he’ll never give up the chase” is so old-fashioned. If someone you also fancy gives you the green-light, don’t play games with them. Be open and honest about it. Stop leading them on if you are not interested. And if you are having a crush on someone, find a way to express to them how you feel. Who knows? They may just be crushing on you too.

9. Forget about finding love, let love find you

Contrasting isn’t it? Being so fixated about finding love is a reason why we keep falling for the wrong people. There is more to life than romantic love. Quit the love chasing game. Do the nine things above and see how easy it would be for you to find the love you deserve. Also, don’t forget that you are very much loved by the people around you.

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