Often times, people feel so devastated when they discover that their partner is cheating on them. They are so ruined because they never see it coming. The gravity of surprise or how betrayed they feel determines the extent of emotional reaction (heartbreak) they go through. What blows their mind more is the disappointment and not even the act. They so regret ever giving that much trust to that person who was not even worth it.


Women especially may find it hard to tell a cheating man or a potential cheat from a faithful man. This explains why women are more surprised and pained when they discover their men having secret affairs with other women. But not every woman is always taken by surprise. No matter how good at cheating he may be, he will still unconsciously let out some signs that are enough to give out a prior warning.

If he acts or does some of these things, then he is very likely to cheat on you or he may be already cheating on you.

Group 1 : Technology Related Signs

1. He always makes secret phone calls in odd places

If he always sneaks down to the the basement, bathroom or living room to answer his phone, then there is something he wants to keep secret from you.

2. He passwords his devices and keeps changing it

He needs no password on his phone or computer if he has no skeletons to hide. But if he keeps changing his passwords each time you try accessing them, then he may be cheating on you.

3. He feels uncomfortable when you are to use his device

This is so obvious with guys who keep multiple girlfriends, if one of his girls mistakenly picks up his phone, his guilt may likely overwhelm him.

4. He takes some time before handing his device to you

Its never easy for him to just hand his phone to you. He takes his time to make certain that there is nothing incriminating on it before giving it to you.

5. He follows too many women on social media

Firstly, he is a social media freak and secondly, he is always liking and commenting on cleavage- revealing-pictures of women. If he is also a die-hard social media celebrity women’s fan, then he is very likely to cheat on you.

6. He has half-clad pictures of celebrity women on his phone

Too many revealing pictures of female celebrities on his phone tells only one thing, he secretly fantasizes about other women and would not hesitate to seize the opportunity if it presents itself.

7. He will not update his relationship status

If he is such a social media freak yet fails to update any status on your relationship, he is probably cheating on you.

Group 2 : Social Signs

1. He never takes you along to public places

Because his mind is never at ease, he keeps thinking of the many things that could possible go wrong if he is seen publicly with you. If he is so not-at-ease in public but suddenly very active when you are alone, he may be a cheating boyfriend.

2. He never introduces you properly

Its never that hard for a man who truly loves you to introduce you as his girlfriend. If he is always going around this simple gesture, then there may be a lot more than you know.

3. Never shows any signs of affection in public

This is a sure proof that he is not really into you. If he is never emotionally drawn to you especially in public, then there is a likelihood that he may be having multiple girlfriends.

4. You are less of a friend to him

Ask yourself, what you think he really wants from you. Is he a true friend? Or Is he only interested in the bedma7ic5?

5. He is always uncertain about special days like Valentine’s day

Probably he has other choices to make out of many on a special day like Valentine’s day. So he may just be considering you as one option he may or may not go with.

6. His friends are woman1sers

As the saying goes ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ so also a man who is always among a click of predators may very likely be one too.

Group 3 : Work Excuses

1. He is always finding work related excuses even on a weekend

When unplanned work emergencies come up all the time, you should get a clue. You will also know that his claim of being extremely focused on his job results are false when he finds time for other things but not you.

2. He never takes you along to that after work dinner

Even when his colleagues take their spouses along and he comes home to tell you all about it, he never deems it fit to take you along. This may be probably because he has someone who has assumed your place.

3. He hired a curvaceou$ female secretary

Never trust a man who works late hours and goes to parties with his lascivious looking secretary, he may just be cheating on you with her.

4. He is always cancelling dates

One moment he wants to hang out with you, the next moment something came up and he couldn’t make it. If he does this over and over again without a good reason, then he is likely cheating on you.

Advice : Do Not Jump Into Conclusion

It is quite true that a combination of two or all three groups of signs above may be enough proof that he is indeed cheating on you. But how certain can we be? All depending on his personality, these theories may not be a hundred percent full-proof. They are more like a guide to help you see the bigger picture. So, be careful not to rush into conclusion. Only time will tell you what you need to know.

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