About 10 years ago, I nearly lost hope on love.

I was in love with this lady called Susan. We were so close. So close to the extent that we had already planned our wedding and family life together. This was all before I got hit by a stray bullet.

I had gone to withdraw some funds via an ATM when I saw a crowd of people gathered and holding placards. There was going to be a protest against the government. Soldiers and police were deployed to every corner of the street. Had nothing left on me, my fuel tank on the red and I was to travel out of the city for an important business trip.


I had no option but to park my car and walk through the angry crowd to the ATM which was at the far end of the avenue. It wouldn’t take long, I thought. I had finished withdrawing the cash I needed, was walking back to my car which was just a few miles away when I heard reverberating sounds of gunshots emanating from a near distance.

Edging closer, I discovered the crowd had degenerated into a mob, throwing missiles at the police as the police fired several shots back in the air. The atmosphere was chaotic!

In a twinkle, I saw the protesters running in all directions as I also scampered for safety, one thing led to the other and I felt something hit me hard behind. I had been shot.


I found myself in the hospital. I got hit by a stray bullet which penetrated deep through my back and touched my spine. The doctor said I was going to survive it but may never be able to walk again.

Of the 9 months I spent on bed-rest in hospital and at home, Susan only came visiting thrice. She only called my cell phone a couple of times. At first I thought it wasn’t really her fault so I did all the calling. Her handwriting was clear enough to me though, it was over between us.

She left because the doctor said I would no longer be capable of performing my manly duties

She never even encouraged me or waited till my condition improved.
She considered me dead already. I was quite certain that it was no fault of hers but I really never expected her to be so cold, after all we had together. Everyone knew I would never be able to walk again. It was no longer news that I was broke, had been layed-off from my job and couldn’t even perform my manly duties.

I heard people whispering behind my back. Some were quite bold enough to even say things to my face.

But unknown to them, I’d resolved to keep fighting on. I knew I was going to walk again and my manliness was intact.


In the end, I not only walked but have worked right up to where I dreamed to be. My company is doing fine and am a happily married proud father of two.

Whenever I hear gunshots, I don’t remember anything else but Susan. Of all the pain I suffered, I only remember the heartbreaking experience she made me pass through.


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