Not every guy who is interested in you wants marriage. Some men just want to date but are not yet ready for a long term commitment. This may be the reason why you have been dating for so long but he hasn’t proposed. You also may have sent out the wrong message and attracted the wrong men. Here are some things you should be doing more to attract potential suitors.

1. To attract potential suitors, smile often

A smile can be magical. You appear more attractive when you look happy on the outside. Stop putting up a frown. It scares people away.

2. To attract potential suitors, Get a job

You may have freshly graduated from school and not very skilled in other areas that employers are looking for but you can start from somewhere. Get a job you love to do, this way you will gain more experience, keep yourself busy, meet more people and who knows you may just come across the right one.

3. To attract potential suitors, Participate in more social activities

Go out more if you want to attract potential suitors. Engage more in social activities that bring you directly in contact with other people. You can join an aerobics group, go to the gym, sit out in the park, go out with friends or join the choir.

4. To attract potential suitors, Dress to kill

The attractive looks of a woman is the first thing that attracts most men. A good dress sense alone is enough to do the magic. Do not wear certain clothes that are too loose, or too fitting. The way you dress also portray who you are and how you will be addressed by persons who are only getting to meet you for the first time.

5. To attract potential suitors, Be friendly to all

Be sociable and friendly to all, you never know who may be crushing hard on you. Your attitude is what is going to encourage or discourage them. However, try to be as polite and brief as possible so as not to be seen as being too desperate.


6. To attract potential suitors, Learn how to cook

I know some women would say, am to be a man’s wife, not his maid or cook. That’s all crap, you should still know how to fix a meal. You may be the busy type, its understood, not necessarily because you are going to be a full-time home cook. Just Imagine having some talent your potential husband is really proud of. I tell you, a tasty meal alone is enough to make any man propose to you and not have any doubts about it.

7. Stop saying NO when you mean YES if you want to attract potential suitors

He asked to go out with you on several occasions but you replied NO, not because you don’t want to but because you are trying hard not to appear so desperate. You are scared that he may take you for granted. Free your thoughts, a guy who truly likes you would never take you for granted even if you say YES at first chance.

8. To attract potential suitors, stop playing games

Some ladies just love to lead guys on so that they keep chasing them.
The idea that if he truly loves me, he is never going to give up is so old-fashioned. Only a tiny percentage of guys would never give up chasing you, a greater percentage of which are ‘the players’. Remember also that that very guy comes in contact and may even be getting greenlight from other equally beautiful and attractive women on a daily basis. Soon his attention would shift to where he is more appreciated.

9. To attract potential suitors, be Independent

Nothing is more to the modern day man than an independent woman. A woman who can have a life outside what a man brings to the table. She’s not a gold-digger, she is never desperate, she’s content, not demanding and unavailable for poachers.

10. To attract potential suitors, stop playing hard to get

Gone are the days when a man was expected to make the first move and keep it up till she says YES. Its a dynamic world, things are changing. No man is going to hold it against you if you ask him out for a cup of coffee. He is rather going to respect you more.

11. To attract potential suitors, detach yourself from certain friends

Believe it or not, not all of your friends will stand to see you shine.
Some friends may deliberately or otherwise try to limit you to be less awesome a person than you should be. Don’t be stupid enough to go with every piece of advice you get from friends. Sometimes you were right in the first place and they are wrong!

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