Gyms are much more than exercise centres. They are multipurpose centres where people come for workouts, exercise and also relax their minds. Many people go to the gym primarily for different purposes. For some, its purely about burning up some calories or muscle building while others go there to socialize with other people and as well sweat it out too. I belong to the later group.

I’ve always been a great fan of body building and properly shaped physiques. Watching from some distance guys with well developed and placed muscles and ladies with very attractive figures. They all seem to look healthier, happier and fit. In spite of my very busy schedule, I was drawn to enroll in gym classes a couple of times and there I have met the most amazing men and women.

After several trials to lift some of the weights and partake in some of the gym programs, I agreed with myself that I loved the sight of a gymnasium quite alright but only to sweat-out a little, burn a few calories just to keep fit, socialize and watch other people. I guess I get my own satisfaction in seeing others progress with their gym programs.

My constant visit to the gym has left me with some very important information about the different type of people always present at every gymnasium. Each time you visit the gym, there are a whole lot of different personalities you get to meet.

1. The Clueless newcomer

They are always easy to spot. There is always at least one newcomer who is clueless as to what to do in the gym. He has no slightest idea about cardio, heart rates, warm-ups and other gym terminologies. He goes from one machine to the other confused but feeling reluctant to ask questions or try any exercise forgetting there was also a first time for every other gymer.

2. The guy who wants to compete with everyone

There is always a titled strongest man of the gym. He does more bench press than anyone else, uses all the machines better and would always use his last sweat to break the record set by anyone.

3. The gym enthusiasts

He can talk all day about what happened in the gym and what he knows about a gymnasium. Gym enthusiasts own more gym kits than actual wears. They seem to know everyone at the gym. They are the kings and queens of every group and may even have a set of free weights or other personal gym stuffs in the car or at home.

4. The gym couples

Always seen together. Some instances, they are a pair of guys or a pair of ladies. Other instances they are a couple who took their love to the gym. Anyway it might be, they are always together. If you spot one of them, you could guess perfectly right that the other is close by. They always workout in twos.

5. The gym selfie freak

To this group of people, taking selfies in the gym is more important than working out. All they need is a few seconds on a stationary bicycle to get a clean shot they can upload on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media.

6. The self- acclaimed unofficial trainer

This guy is good at verbal instructions. He knows all the theoretical steps of every workout or exercise. He derives pleasure in putting newcomers who find some difficulty through maybe have little skills on the actual practicals. In fact, he only started a few months back and still trying to catch-up on some drills. If you are a newcomer, this is your guy.

7. The motivator

Makes everything seem easy with words. Keep Listening to this guy and you may attempt pushing a 300kg weight. To him everything is possible. He keeps telling you that you can do it. If you want to achieve excellent results from your gym classes, get a motivator.

8. The judge

No one ever does anything right.
He is always telling you how you have or have not improved. He keeps tab of your gym progress and how you carryout your workouts.

9. The attention seeker

He is usually the loudest guy in the room. All his actions are aimed at garnering the attention of every other person. He is usually boastful and feels richer or more sophisticated than everyone in the room.

10. The boyfriend/girlfriend seeker

She is extremely conscious of herself, her actions and her words. Always mindful and extremely careful. He’s the nicest guy of all, selfless and willing to sacrifice anything for others especially the opposite gender. Some girls go to the extent of doing funny stuffs like making-up in between different exercises and carrying along their spray just to look better and smell more attractive.

11. The observer

Now, That’s me.

‘He’ is mostly used and ‘she’ only to represent the person being talked about. Same applies to ladies and guys alike.

There are a lot more other personalities I wouldn’t want to mention here in order not to go against chofam’s policies.

You can add yours in the comment section.

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