90% of all the time you are better seen connected and communicating with online social apps of your smartphone, you find it a lot easier relating with people on personal chats, but when it comes to commenting on people’s views about a social concern, you are always missing; probably because you care too much what others think about your views and your personality. We must always take note of the fact  that;

people are not celebrated socially for reasons that they are perfect beings but because they chose to care less what people think and focus more on doing what makes them feel better’.

A clear understanding of this simple fact and a little bit of its implementation would bring about a turn around for a confident you.

Most times our thoughts are beclouded with these questions;

What is she going to think of me?

Does my dress sense add up? What am I  really going to say to her at dinner?

My shoes…they are not designers, hope she doesn’t think I’m broke.

Silly questions as above keep popping as you advance with your preparations for a date night. Too wrong to allow such thoughts in your head. Truth is, you are at your best when you are you. It’s most easier when you do things with less pressure and reduced thoughts of what people might think of you and your actions, this is because sometimes, people really don’t care about those things you kill yourself over


Confidence is certainty to handle a task, social events, without blunders. It is a human characteristic necessary for achieving excellent results and attaining success. Confidence is being, not just knowing.

To gain confidence you need to observe and listen to your inner dialogue. Most of the time you cajole yourself into feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence and low self-esteem through your thoughts. Developing positive inner dialogue builds self-confidence.

Appreciating and valuing who you are further makes you valid in the eyes of your beholders.

Unless you do something about improving your self-confidence, it will gradually get worse.

It is very okay to make blunders on first trial, consistent and persistent exposure to the right kind of influence will enhance your effectiveness in being socially confident.


Words are powerful, Go to your mirror and repeat the words ‘I am confident’ as many times possible.

Learn a skill and improve yourself through practice.

Expose yourself to slightly challenging Situations.

Be calm in social situations, listen and connect with others.

Show empathy and be genuinely interested in others.

Build rapport with others and be the first to give honest appreciation.

Watch and learn.

Pamper yourself.

Understand that failure is in a process and not an end of a process.

Know that not being liked by someone is irrelevant.

Think less about what your listeners think of you.

Social situations don’t really matter, don’t take them too seriously.

Realize that people are busy living their lives, you should do same.

Practice and improve your communication skills.

Look good.

Always make the first move.

Connect with your body language.

Fake it till you make it.

Welcome criticisms.

Care less about rejection.

Embrace association.

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