Have you ever loved someone so much but your love is not reciprocated as much as you desire? or you have been in love with someone who you love so much but they don’t feel same for you. If a relationship comes with so much pain, anxiety, hurt, frustration or frequent heartbreaks then you may be living in a one-sided relationship.


A relationship is said to be one-sided if it becomes unfavorable to one person. The foundations of any relationship’s health are most commonly established upon mutual admiration and respect, but when one partner does not give enough or gets not enough, the union becomes unhealthy to the other.

Your Relationship should be a bedrock that enhances your life and should be a basic reason for your happiness. On the contrary, what’s the point if being in a relationship only makes your life more miserable.

One-sided relationships can be described as walking on a bed of hot burning coal voluntarily, with a sweet smile on your face and a truck load of love in your heart which has already been shattered. As a matter of fact, one has to learn how to be happy within first, this will help you know when you are in a wrong relationship.

It begins with one-sided attraction

Love seems like a fairy tale when we watch in movies how two people sacrifice just anything to be together. But even in movies, true unconditional love is also a rare phenomenon. Out of an entire play of many seasons, there may be only one or two love stories worthy of note. This is rather surprising judging from the very deliberate attempt to depict true love as something that should not be so difficult to come by.

Falling in love should be like a two way traffic. The first time you are swept off your feet by love, the whole world is reset to fit into your emotions. All you want to do is give and love. At the beginning, no one cares how much they put in to win their crush’s heart. As time progresses, you begin to feel drained and used. The feeling becomes complicated to a point you are not so sure of anything. You are in love quite alright but don’t feel loved back as much as you desire.

It is only natural that all humans desire to not just love but to be loved back by that one person we love so much. When we don’t get loved as much as we desire or don’t give as much love as is needed by our partner, the relationship becomes unfavorable to the other person.

How can we tell if we find ourselves in a one-sided relationship?

Here are 20 possible signs to watch out for.

1. When You are the only one communicating your feelings.

2. When he/she Prioritizes every other thing above you.

3. When you feel sense of incompatibility.

4. When your feelings are ignored.

5. When he/she prevents you from seeing their friends and family members.

6. When he/she consistently picks up quarrels and fights with you.

7. When He or she stonewalls you (refuses to listen to you in public).

8. Always blame you when things go wrong.

9. When they rather make excuses for their mistake than apologize.

10. When your emotional needs are not met.

11. When He/she is not being real with you.

12. When they don’t welcome any discussion about a future for you two.

13 You keep thinking of them always and they show less concern.

14. You wait for their messages all day long and get disappointed.

15. You Do all you can to support them even when they never asked for it but they don’t do same for you.

16. When you know you are being hurt yet you are all quiet and okay with it.

17. They deliberately ignore you.

18. You place them so high in your life yet to them you are worth nothing.

19. You selflessly care about them and their needs, even after they have snubbed you more than you can count.

20. Insensitivity and self-centered attitude.

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