Every guy who has not had the best of luck in relationships should get a female best friend, with no strings attached. You could learn a lot more from her. There is this saying that “the world is a man’s world” but in aspects of relationships, women have a bigger part to play. I just tried finding out from my female best friends the things men do that women find unattractive.

Most guys have no slightest idea how to convince a girl that they truly love her. Others just don’t know what a woman wants in a man. We think appearing all groomed-up, a flashy ride and fat bank account should just be enough. In the end, the best women flee. Predictably such guys find themselves hooked-up with gold-diggers. Simply put, its only the natural law of attraction. We attract into our lives the things we focus on. If you think women love just money and flashy things, you are sure going to attract a woman who loves your flashy accessories much more than yourself. The day you decide to change that lifestyle or go broke is the day your relationship may crash.


Below are certain things men do that women find unattractive


1. Taking so much time to get ready

Its hard to tell why women take so much time to get ready but when a man takes longer than a woman, then you both are going to completely miss the function. A man who is so detailed about his looks is no different from a woman. “I felt so much like a was dating fellow woman, like I was a le5b1an” says Jessica W.

2. Being a braggart

She has probably turned a richer, more handsome and better groomed guy down so what are you bragging about? Hell knows you are not the richest guy on the planet. Even the richer dudes keep a low profile so quit being a braggart.

3. Cockiness

“You could be the smartest, wealthiest, best-looking man, but if you can’t stop talking about yourself, it’s not going to happen.” – Christina W. This is the greatest turn-off for all women. You don’t own her so stop acting like you do.

4. Self-centered attitude

Women love to be cared for, appreciated and loved. When you are self-centered, how could any woman fit into your life? There is no room left for her to occupy since you are only about yourself. Cut your self-centered attitude if you want to attract any good woman in your life.

5. Talkativeness

When a man talks too much, he seldom pays attention. Women love to express themselves verbally and are better at it. Do not try to talk your woman out, she only wants you to listen. Make her comfortable and listen more if you want to enjoy the best of her.

6. Endless complaining

The article how to cope with a nagging woman deals with endless complaining by women. But how about in situations where the man is the nagging partner. Its even worse. One of the most unattractive attitudes of a man is to keep complaining about little things. If a man acts this way, then he is a woman.

7. Poor personal hygiene

It is often assumed that bad hygiene is a bigger turn off for women than men. This may be true but cleanliness entails much more than taking frequent baths. Bad breath, body odour and sometimes attitudinal hygiene are way more important. You cannot be nose-picking or biting your fingers in public and expect ladies to applaud you for it. Its a big turn-off.

8. Looking slobby

Work hard, look dirty if it pays but when you are to go out on a date, make sure you are look cute and smell nice. Women find clean well dressed, nice smelling guys to be more attractive. Just as men love their women to look and smell nice so also do women.

9. Feeling of entitlement

You don’t own her or the world so stop acting like you do. If she says NO, respect that. Try convincing her but respect whatever she says or feels. “When they feel like they can just touch you, like they are physically entitled. If someone is all over me and I’m clearly not into it, it’s so uncomfortable and obnoxious. It’s like an ownership thing. And when you tell someone you don’t want to see them again, and they don’t take no for an answer—it’s not romantic, it’s harassment.” – Anne K.

10. The feeling of being better than anyone else

There is this thinking that women love confident men. This is very true. There also lies a very thin line between ‘confidence’ and ‘pride/arrogance’ The assumed feeling that you are better than every other person only leaves you at the bottom of the ladies check list.

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