Everyone knows you have a beautiful heart. A heart that loves so much, always putting others first before yourself, still they take you for granted. When things go wrong in your relationship, it feels like outright betrayal, like you have lost a part of yourself which is impossible to reclaim. A time comes when you start feeling too damaged to love again. Think this straight, there is always that one handsome/pretty and charming prince/princess who is crushing so bad on you.

There are times I ponder, why life treats people so bad. Why a pretty looking damsel with such a beautiful heart cannot find her perfect match. Why prince-charming cannot find his perfect bride. Love seems to be so unfair. You may have been used, abused and publicly put-down as if you are not good enough but you are. My heart aches when I see the nicest people living in a limbo of hurt and pain, from one heartbreak to the other yet they would not despair. They tend to fall in love again and over again.

Love is not something we can live perfectly without. “You may deal with things without love; you may cut down trees, make bricks, hammer iron without love, but you cannot deal with men without it, just as you cannot deal with bees without being careful” Love is indeed a part and parcel of human life. Try as much to live without it as you can but the sad empty feeling that something is missing in you can never go away.

“It’s not that I can’t live without you, I just don’t want to try”

There are times I wish it was possible, if only a heart could multiply or replicate countless times like a tree bearing fruit, that I can offer one whole of my heart to that one person who needs so much love. Sadly, everyone has but only one heart and it belongs to just one and only one. You deserve better than staying on in a complicated relationship. I know you do.

One day you will find that man, who would love you like no other. He is like a bounty you won as a compensation for all your travails. Just one day soon, he’ll kneel, take up your hand and ask politely “will you marry me?” And you would not even blink a second because you are so sure with no iota of doubt.

A day will come sooner, you’ll understand that love is not pain. She’ll walk right to your doorstep with that warm comforting smile. Then you’ll know that love is never a fairy tale only depicted in movies. It can be real. Your past will be envious of you. That dream you once had a long time ago will come true.

It is never too late to fall in love again. The decision to love again can be marred in a dilemma and apprehension as a result of what one might have gone through in previous relationships. Not so fortunate enough, there is no degree of certainty that points that we must find true love at the second or third attempt. NO! You might still get hurt but here are two reasons why you must never give up on love, first ‘you never know how close you are’ and second ‘love is certainly worth a chase’

Keep that candle burning for there is only hope when you believe in something. That thing you believe will gain more weight, take up a form and become manifest someday. When you lose hope, you have lost it all. People have great relationships all the time, you should be no exception.

Are you Feeling too damaged to love again? Never lose hope on love. Never lose hope, and if you can, find the courage to love again.


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