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Love is a great deal in every relationship, yet it cannot be so strongly rooted when other ingredients needed to sweeten a relationship are missing.

There are so many reasons why a man may decide he is no longer interested in a relationship. Most of these reasons are beyond our control and others could be linked to loss of love and emotional connection. Here we are going to talk about the sort of attitude which amount to many other alarming reasons why men quit relationships.



We hear some ladies say ‘I can’t date him if he is not rich’ and stuff like that; well, that’s not bad. I mean who wants to suffer in a relationship right?

In as much as money is needed to make any relationship lively, whenever a man notices you are in for the money and not for who he is – especially at the early stages of the relationship, all you do or say is ‘let’s go shopping’, ‘buy me this, buy me that’, ‘I want to eat this or that’, you think less of cooking, with incessant demands of huge sums for unnecessary fixes. No matter how much he loves you, no man will be able to tolerate that level of pestering for a long while. He is either going to quit the relationship or he’s on his way out already.

Ladies! There is no better feeling a man gets than seeing his woman out there working and being responsible no matter how little. If you are one of those gold diggers, ask yourself this question; ‘what am i really good for?’  The point is not to say you should never ask for a need from your man, NO! Just don’t make it look like you are totally worthless. This gold digging attitude will make you lose your man’s respect which would eventually make him quit.


Mood swings – I don’t really know what this is but it seems so evident in some ladies. Ten minutes earlier, she was crying uncontrollably and he tried all he could to calm her but he hadn’t her crying antidote. Few minutes later, she’s very happy and jumping like she’s won a grammy award without having to write one line of a song. An hour later, she’s talking to no one and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Come on! He’s not G0d. However or whoever be this man, he is definitely going to get fed-up with this attitude. He will eventually try to seek solace out there with alcohol or someone else. Ladies, if you know you fall in this mood swing category, please try to control your attitude, else he may quit the relationship for this sole reason.


For real people can’t be trusted these days with the way everything is moving so fast. But hey! You have to live on the present and let your wild imagination be. Being insecure– always thinking there is another woman out there he’s messing with, he’s not taking my calls, guess he’s with someone. I’m not tall enough; he might be out there with a taller woman. My breast is not large enough, he’s not attracted to me and many other irrelevant insecure points; when sensed by a man can send him far away from you. If you fall in this insecure fold as a lady, start making your way out of such insecure lifestyle else the relationship is heading for a crash.


Insecurity and low self-esteem share a thin affinity, but maintain a huge difference. However he tries to commend her beauty and some other qualities he might think are cool about her, she never believes he really meant it. Most ladies would believe he’s not attracted to them for one or other reasons (especially for reasons the set themselves so low on). Some are so low on the amount of money they make (like he’s with her for the money). Worst of all is age; the other lady is younger with a nicer physique and he might not really get serious with me since I’m older than he is. This and many other irrelevant thoughts clouds theirs minds. Know this, relationships are not built on these qualities or features, whatever or whoever you are, be proud of what you have irrespective of how small compared to others. Low self-esteem can destroy you as a person, your relationship inclusive and not many men can last long in such relationships.


No-one loves to be around quarrelsome people. Its makes you so unattractive, be you a male or female and I know many persons who run away from quarrelsome people. Some ladies are warriors when it comes to little misunderstandings; they always want to trash it out. They make sure every issue is solved logically, never letting anything go for the sake of peace. Bad as it sounds, some ladies don’t want to ever believe they are wrong, and sometimes they go the length of attacking their men publicly which often leads to ugly scenes. Although some ladies take their quarrelsome attitude indoors, it’s never a good thing to quarrel over every little issue in a relationship. There is always a better way to solve issues peacefully, sort for it and lead a peaceful relationship. If you are in the category as a lady, watch your man quit your relationship or step out of the ugly attitude.

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