Life on earth is a mystery yet to be understood. Astronomers estimate that there are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe. We are just living in one galaxy on the planet earth. If this information doesn’t scare you, then you really have never given it a thought.

Anyday I think about the universe, I cannot help but marvel at its limitless nature, considering how very minute we are compared to the larger world. Talking about the universe might seem like going too far, yet humans have ventured a great distance in discovering and understanding the nature of the globe, the greater task mankind is now faced with is to discover his inner self. That part that cannot be explained satisfactorily by science.

Man is a simple but yet very complex being, an animal yet one with a soul. A man without a conscience or soul is a monster. In order to understand more about the nature of the universe, we must first of all start from the study of the psychology that governs man’s existence on earth.


Below are five important facts I learnt about life on earth from my personal experience.

1. Life is much more than what we can see and feel

This got me thinking, why are some people born rich while others are born poor, why some are born genius while others are born imbecile, Some pretty while others are ugly, Why some achieve success with minimal effort while others labour hard for the rest of their lives with very little to show. According to Oliver Goldsmith, Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations. Life as it is, is not fair! for the fact that we never get to choose who we are, but we can choose who we become.


2. Life is like a race

Everyone on earth started as a sp3rm cell and had to race and come first against over 200 million others just to be born into the world. Life is a race, except that it is some special kind of race. Every athlete has a different special lane with hurdles (difficulties) at different irregular intervals.

Contrary to what most people think, how we find ourselves in some circumstances is purely by natural accident; even in the theory of fertilization, some sp3rms may travel fast but mistakenly, they hit a fork on the way and travel in the wrong direction and perish eventually. I never chose to be born in the eighties, or to be born a male and I don’t remember choosing my family. Many if asked the secret of their success ascribe it to G0d, hard work and dedication. The G0d-factor is the most complex phenomena that has no satisfactory explanation. Believe it or not we are not made equal with any other. Even identical twins have a lot of dissimilarities that make them different in many ways. Everyone is specially designed and equipped by G0d to overcome the peculiar obstacles that they will have to face.

3. Life is not a competition

Life surely is a race, but not a competition. The rules are not the same for any two persons. It does not matter if you are age mates or in the same class, some will always be more successful than others. All you need is to stay positive, on your own lane and make the best of the time you have.

4. Life does not have a mathematical formula

Life does not have an almighty formula that you just substitute the variables and bing! the solution will suffice. It is possible for Mr A to graduate from the University at the age of 20 and wait for another ten years to find a decent job whereas Mr B might graduate at the age of thirty and still become a millionaire by 35, but just because Mr B made his first millions at 35 does not make him the more successful guy, for Mr A could still spring up a surprise and hit the billion mark at the age of 60 at about the same time Mr B has gone bankrupt.

5. Life is dynamic

Whatever you are going through at the moment; whether sweet or sour, no condition is permanent. You might just be going through the toughest times but you never know how close you are. Tough times never last, tough people do. Keep up the struggle. Giving up is not an option to consider.

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