It’s so true that the universe is vast and wild, individuals with different environmental variation have different rules and methods working out for them, making it impossible for one to wholly submit to one method (which may have worked for someone) of doing things. Success has only one rule, persistence.

However, one very simple feature have I found in nearly everyone who has touched the shores of success. Tyler Perry, Jim Carrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Colonel Sanders, Shaina Twain, Emily Blunt among others who have reached what I call peak of their life’s purpose, at some point in their lives nearly gave up.

Tyler Perry

Screenwriter, Playwright, Film actor; Tyler Perry suffered years of abuse at the hands of his father. Trying to escape his difficult situation, Perry attempted suicide, dropped out of high school, had series of unfulfilling jobs in the bid to discover his true passion. He was disappointed severally yet he never stopped trying.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, a renowned comedian and actor, had to face several challenges and setbacks in the struggle to get his dreams actualized. He had to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue comedy. With all the drawbacks he was faced with, he kept sailing until something new happened in his life.

Jessica Parker

The award-winning TV and film actress, Sarah Jessica Parker grew up in a relatively poor background. Challenged with her parents’ divorce, she was raised by her mother who was only a school teacher. At a very young age, she was the breadwinner of her family; bringing money home from singing and dancing shows. Today the sound of her music has changed.

Image result for glenn cunningham burns

Glenn Cunningham together with his brother Floyd as conveyed by was badly burnt in an accidental fire which led to the death of his brother Floyd. Doctors thought Cunningham’s legs were so badly burnt that they would have to be amputated. However, he eventually recovered after a long battle. He gained his strength back through running and by the time he was 12 years, he had beaten all the local high school runners. Today the history of time has his name on it as the world-record –holder in the mile race.

Notice that all these people with great success story were

  • From a humble background
  • Had challenges
  • Failed repeatedly
  • People concluded they can’t make it
  • The never adopted a giving route to success

Above all, the shared one thing which I believe is the only rule to making it in life, reaching your set goal and breaking that standard and universally accepted limitation.

They never gave up irrespective of whatever challenges they encountered. Keep that in mind as the only valid rule to success. Notice that when you make a mistake today while working on a project, assignment or set goal; coming back tomorrow to that same mistaken level, you’ve noted all the wrongs of yesterday and definitely won’t consciously repeat them again.

The never-giving-up rule helps you conquer the fear of mistakes, failures and people’s irrelevant conclusions drawn about your life. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t make it no matter what you are going through right now, just keep doing what you are doing and don’t you stop, it will take you somewhere.

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