Never make the mistake of thinking that an abuser will act same with everyone else. No! They only do so with loved ones who they have emotional bonds with. They may still relate with every other person with respect.

Also, not everyone who is short-tempered has a tendency to abuse their partner. It is not very an easy task to know if someone would be an abuser especially at the beginning of a relationship. Very likely, they are the most caring and best lovers. However there are some warning signs you should look out for.


Here are the warning flashlights that can be used to identify a potential abuser before you fall victim.

An Abuser is overly possessive and jealous

They start complaining or putting up attitude if you smile or talk to other men. This is where many fail the acid-test. Very often people mistake jealousy for love. It is true that jealousy and love coexist but when it results to hurting a partner, then you have already crossed the red line.

Easily transfer aggression.

After having a bad day at work or somewhere else, they come home with attitude, not wanting to talk about it, but vent their anger on anyone around especially you who is close to them.

An Abuser will deliberately deny himself happiness just to punish you.

At the early stages, abusers are capable of denying themselves happiness just to punish their partners for any reasons best known to them. They see punishment as a way of asserting authority and control.

You get punished for little things and even others that you had nothing to do with.

He sees you as a conquered slave on whom he can exercise his strength and emotional frustrations. This is one of the very common signs that he is going to lay hands on you someday.

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